Anyone watch Dark Matter?

I binge watched the latest episodes recently. I picked up on a trend, shall we say.
As I needed to get some editing practice in, I opened up Premiere and made this:

See if you can spot the trend, it's very hard to see it... such a subtle thing it is ;) :nod:

Hey, I'm all for powerful female characters (Aeryn Soong anyone? Ivanova? Those nice ladies from Galactica?) but something about this show just
It's like I'm getting large chunks of 'HEY LOOK AT WHAT WE CAN DO' shoved down my throat.

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Re: Anyone watch Dark Matter?

I've watched the first season only, good show. Does the youtube video only have season 1 footage? cause I don't wanna see spoilers for season 2. I think chics of the future are very DIFFERENT to the chics of today, lifestyles will change big time!

I've also watched 'The Expanse' which is another good show.. if your running low on sci-fi to watch I can advise, I've watched a plethora of em :)

Re: Anyone watch Dark Matter?

Yeah it has second season footage - Stop watching at the 9:35 mark.

Sure, I watch every spaceship show - it's a must, considering how few of them there are.
Dark Matter is a 'good show', but not a great one. It feels like Stargate without the ... Stargate.
And that's not only just because they re-used the Stargate Universe sets.
I like The Expanse better, but only because of the awesome way it's presented. The characters and dialogue are a bit so-so.

I think chics of the future are very DIFFERENT to the chics of today, lifestyles will change big time!

Well, the future I doubt will look anything like that but that's not what I'm bringing up. My point of the video was just to show how hilarious it looks. All these men getting beat up by women left, right and center.
I tried looking for ANY footage showing women guards or something getting their asses kicked (because hey, it's supposed to be a future with lots of strong women right?) but I could find nothing. Just men.
Yeah I realize each instance has a reason (The android, the enhancing nanites etc) but it's the imagery I'm looking at. Killjoys is kinda similar, but not quite as over the top.

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Re: Anyone watch Dark Matter?

I watched it and I see what you mean, it definitely looks deliberately placed within the series especially if it continues in season 2. Good pickup :thumbright:

I had high hopes for SGU following on in the franchise from Atlantis but they were crushed :( The Expanse story pulled me right in, I just wanted to know what was going to happen next. Besides the use of story arc(s) that vary in length would you say it took some elements of presentation from B5?

Have you seen Earth Final Conflict or Andromeda? You recommend anything?

Re: Anyone watch Dark Matter?

Andromeda is pretty good in the first season, and it's not bad in the second. After that it's really downhill from there as the show runner gets swapped up for Kevin 'I'm God' Sorbo.
Earth Final Conflict? Ohh, umm I haven't seen that since it aired. I would have to rewatch it, but I don't remember it being up to much beyond the first few episodes.
I can't really recommend anything without knowing what you've already seen ;)

The Expanse is based on a book, which I believe was based on a boardgame - Which was kinda similar to some of the stuff I threw into Hyperspace/Basewars lore back in 2006.

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Re: Anyone watch Dark Matter?

Earth Final Conflict gets better, there are good episodes throughout just like Andromeda. The Kevin 'I'm God' Sorbo draws parallels from B5 in a fashion.

I've seen a lot of sci-fi, it'd be a long list. How about your top 10? u seen Almost Human?

I knew 'The Expanse' was based on a book but I didn't know about the boardgame part. If the series continues they've got plenty of books to follow :)

Re: Anyone watch Dark Matter?

I don't do Top 10's - It's kinda like when someone asks 'Whats your favorite movie?' or 'What genre of music do you like best?'.

The Kevin 'I'm God' Sorbo draws parallels from B5 in a fashion.

That you could even suggest that JMS and Sorbo are anything alike... :?

Almost Human was that short lived show with the robot cops, right? Loved it - Too bad it got cancelled.
Another good android/robot drama was that UK drama 'Humans' - I recommend it.

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Re: Anyone watch Dark Matter?

Is that a cue? :? I want more good sci-fi to watch :nod: And there is a Almost Human movie that I stumbled upon by accident, which is part alien abduction part 'The Shining' but I've seen enough axes in doors to stay away.

Falling Skies was good at the beginning but something went wrong. I just recently finished watching Wing Commander and I'm NEVER watching it again! Space Battleship Yamato easily tops that film :)
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